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“If life is the art of encounter, we have found each other”

Why Physical Therapy?

As a child I was hit on the head with a soccer ball, from which I recovered like so many other children “without great consequences”, but this blow and some other falls blocked my neck, and I began to develop scoliosis. Over time, this led to continued discomfort and pain in my neck and back. I was recommended to swim, because my body was shrinking and shortening. My self-demanding and not knowing what was wrong with me made me feel uncomfortable with my body.

The sport was very good for me, because I have always been moved, and it gave me a certain balance, discipline and a great knowledge of myself, but it was not enough, I still felt stiff and the neck and lumbar area were frequently hooked, with the consequent insecurity that this entails. I was lucky that they didn’t put a corset on me, well more than lucky I refused, and that’s when I realized that I had to start looking for a solution, and my PATH began.

Sobre mí

I spent my last year of High School in the USA with what would become my American family. My last week there I learned about the profession of physical therapy, something that really didn’t exist in Spain. Upon my return home, with a lot of questions in my mind about what I wanted to study, I finally chose to study Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia.

I opted for physical therapy. I wanted to work with my hands, so physical therapy was a therefore a good option.

Already working as a physiotherapist in a course of myofascial therapy the teacher who was teaching the course touched me in a way that I said: “Wow, I want to work like this and I want this for me,” he told me that he had learned from people who practiced Rolfing, the next day I was already looking for information about it, we talked about the year 89.

I received the Rolfing© sessions, I began a process of personal change, here there was a before and after in my life, and I decided to train and dedicate myself to this form of work for life, it gave me the understanding of approaching the human being in a holistic way, working in the integral paradigm and not only in the symptoms, I felt clearly that this was my path, I have trained in all levels of the Rolfing© method being the first Spanish physiotherapist, I am also a teacher of Rolfing© movement, I have taken courses in structural, visceral and cranial sacral osteopathy to complement this work. This has led me to take different training courses in mindfulness, Pilates, Trager©, relaxation techniques, mental control, fascia specialist and many other courses related to personal development and psychotherapy all over the world.

I run the Kinesis Center for Physiotherapy and Movement in Harmony, where we perform different therapies, focused mainly on muscle skeletal problems (that is almost everything) either acute or chronic. My way of working is totally personalized with each of the patients who entrust me with their time with the Rolfing© method, movement education and Matrix© rhythmic therapy, to speed up the recovery processes. Having suffered and experienced back pain and limitations has led me to develop great intuition and to find the individual needs of each person. For me this work is my active meditation, it is a flow through which I feel more respect and admiration every day that we can work and solve so many problems and needs together, and above all that you can find your own way to enjoy and take out the maximum potential of yourself.

I have created and worked with residential programs for rheumatic patients abroad, being this program one of the most complete worldwide and that has been applied to more than 2000 patients. I also work with stress management programs (Banking customers) and personal growth programs internationally. Having been a swimmer, having taught swimming to children and adults of all ages during my university years, has led me to become a Co-creator of the Integral Aquatic Therapy, which complements the work outside the water in an extraordinary way. A TIA© session is not to be missed!

My name is Carlos Tarrega, I am a physiotherapist.

Of all the ways to make a living, I have chosen a very beautiful and not always easy way, to help others. After having had the opportunity to work abroad, I’m going back to Benicàssim, where spending these difficult moments becomes a little more pleasant.

My main objective as a health professional is to facilitate the patient’s recovery. To do this, instead of looking for defects and trying to correct them, my short experience tells me that it is more effective to simply listen and try to adapt the treatment to each person.

Pain is a horrible thing, but it is only the brain’s view of what is happening in our body. It’s that simple and luckily or unfortunately we can’t separate the mind from the body.

I’ll be happy to try and do my part in your recovery.

Carlos Tárrega

I decided to study physical therapy to help people. Silvia Guillamón

Silvia Guillamón

I decided to study physical therapy to help people.

I have always believed in the healing power of the body and the inner potential of each person to achieve a state of balance and health naturally. I consider nature and animals our great teachers and from which we can learn to live in a more harmonious and healthy way.

Over the years I have discovered that with my profession I not only help others, but also myself, developing myself day by day as a professional and learning from what each person can contribute to the human value.