Being in Movement with Paul Linden


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29 to October 4 2020
Benicassim , SPAIN
THE 6-DAY WORKSHOP will focus on a number of areas of embodiment education:
Relaxation and stress management, task improvement, trauma work, assertiveness and conflict management, and hands-on body work. The whole six-day sequence will teach an integrated understanding, and whichever area you intend to work with, fa­miliarity with the other areas will deepen and strengthen your understanding of how to apply embodiment in your chosen area.

This intensive workshop is meant for:
Coaches, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, body-therapists, who want to gain depth and new effective tools to accompany their clients / (trauma) patients into embodied empowerment and being able to listen to their body and emotions in a whole new way
Practitioners of Aikido and all other martial arts, Yoga etc. who want to experience and learn very practically how to apply their arts in everyday life and for healing
Activists, educators, teachers, practitioners of Nonviolent Communication and similar who want to find the peace in their mind and body before and while having a difficult conver­sation, conflict etc.
Activists who want to embody peace even in the most challenging situations
Dancers, actors, performance artists who want to learn a very effective way to center, gai­ning clarity of their body and emotion
Any person interested in learning how to be centered, calm and loving and how to teach this to others

By learning how to open and balance your body, breath, and attention, you can create a physical and mental state of relaxation, expansiveness, calm alertness, and compassionate power. This state of mind/body integrity is the foundation for overcoming the distress response and for handling life’s difficulties effectively.
I have been practicing aikido (a nonviolent Japanese martial art) for 48 years, and I have used it as a laboratory for studying the self in movement. I have found ways to teach people in a matter of hours practical body awa­reness skills that took me 20 to 30 years to grasp.
These methods do not involve vigorous or strenuous movement, and they are very simple. They stand on their own, and they also complement traditional skills in various educational and healing modalities.


10-13h – Training with Paul Linden and his advanced students
15-18h – Training with Paul Linden and his advanced students

Rough content table:

– Centering in difficult situations
– Introduction into Paul Linden´s bodywork. Advanced students teach some exercises under Paul’s direct supervision.
– How to teach Embodied Peacemaking for coaches, therapists, activists and anybody interested, Paul Linden´s bodywork,
– application in trauma therapy
– space for questions and requests from participants
Limited places
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