Body intelligence Exercises for your daily life

In this busy world in which we live, in which we are constantly connected to new technologies, the mind jumps from one place to another continuously, spreading our thoughts and emotions, which can make us feel stressed, nervous, and even anxious.
The way of life of Western societies puts us on automatic pilot, which means that the days pass without us realizing what is happening inside or around us. We are pulling, walking through life, without stopping for a single moment to observe ourselves internally, without stopping to think about our needs. Always ruminating, clinging to expectations rather than reality.

These exercises are easy to practice and could be done at any moment through the day.

The hands are feet are very important to  be aware of our daily tensions, they will help you to be more aware even of your emotional tensions.

The exercises for the spine and breath will help you to reconnect and regulate the nervous system.




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Posture and Emotions