Wellness your way show, Interviews me on January 19


Are you ready to take charge of your health?

Are you tired of spending time and money on solutions to improve your health that just don’t work?

Are you finally ready to feel great?  Lose that weight?

Then you must check out this interview series Wellness Your Way online show.

It’s a free online audio series designed to help you create the healthiest life you have always imagined!

My fellow colleague Liz Ferguson has interviewed over 20 experts (including me!) who provide key information that supports you as you go forward on your wellness journey.

In this free series you will learn…..

  • how your thoughts affect your health
  • foods that nourish you and help you lose weight
  • movement to keep you healthy that does not feel like exercise
  • how your gut health affects everything
  • when breathing is all you really need
  • self care that is more than massages and pedicures
  • how toxins wreck havoc on your health

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It all starts on January 4th   2019 is your year!    Don’t miss this event!


Best of Health,  


P.S. I’m the speaker on January 19th.    So grab your spot now so you don’t miss my interview!