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3H Rehab is more than a concept, it is our way of understanding health and well-being, and by this, the human potential. With this programme we would like our clients and or patients to discover new ways of living with their illnesses, better their quality of life and also prevent premature aging. 3H Rehab is a residential programme, which includes treatment and health education, through movement, gastronomy, cultural activities and nature.

3H Rehab supplies simple appliances of great use for those who take part in the programme, which can be used in their homes and everyday activities. Our programme is based on more than 20 years of experience which our director has dedicated working day by day with patients mainly suffering from rheumatism, back pains, movement limitations, combating stress and enhancing self confidence. Bibiana Badenes is a physiotherapist who has been trained to use Rolfing © structural integration, and other methods of psychosomatics.

“Discover the potential in people and find a way to create vitality, equilibrium and well-being is our goal” as Bibiana says “I have no doubt that prevention carried out in a way that we enjoy it is the best medicine there i”. Our thoughts emotions, our postures and movements are the history of our lives and they have taken toll during the years, 3H Rehab is not just any holiday, it is the beginning of a new outlook towards health, well-being and mindfulness.


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