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Our programme works in groups or individually. The programme is designed depending on the needs of each person and not in a standard way. It is a new step towards holistic direction and entirely for our clients. Many of our clients return to us for additional treatment which satisfies us greatly and encourages us to respond with up to date knowledge.

During the last few years we have treated 2500 patients through the Swedish Companies Travel Point/Haga Rehab and Haga Livscenter with the 3H Rehab concept including young rheumatic children, as we do not only treat adults. In the case of programmes for children we have the opportunity to teach them how to look after themselves, guide then with their personal care, this is a fundamental aspect for pathology in chronic systems in order to supply ideas and knowledge for simple acts in everyday life which can better their way of life in a natural way.


Furthermore, the possibility to carry out open air activities, be it in gardens or on the beach is very encouraging for our perception of our surroundings.

Our programme is evolutionary and we are continuously training with our hopes and wishes to do our very best as professionals this brought us to name it 3H Rehab.

We chose this name because our concept is much more than treatment for the symptoms, we study each individual and treat them so that they achieve a better quality of life and prevention.

We want people who are willing to get involved with the process of recuperation and therefore enable a team to be formed between patient and therapist.


We encourage our clients to nourish themselves in a correct way and take care with water, food and wrest. We provide the necessary education so that they are able to look after themselves now and in the future.

The 3H refers to hands, head and heart.

The 3H

Hands As we are physiotherapists, specialists in manual therapy and movements we work with our hands. Through touch we can work rheumatic pathology, in the case of professional worn out syndrome, and stress, massage and bifacial therapy are some of the methods we use.

Head As clinical staff we look for the best treatment for our patients, and our curious minds are always working to receive continuous education in our field.

Heart Our human component never lets us forget that we are working with people not just patients with symptoms for which compassion is they key to anyone who calls themselves a therapist. The love of our job is what helps us create an atmosphere which starts the curative process and allows us to resolve the problems.

In 3H Rehab humanity is our main activity our team of professionals cover different aspects of each person, from physiotherapists which have specialized in different fields from doctors to nurses, occupational therapists, laughing coach, massage therapists, nutrition specialists, flamenco dancing teachers, Tai Chi and psychologists.


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