Body Intelligence Kit

Body Intelligence Kit


This is the kit we use for our courses of Body intelligence and Somatic Coaching.



“When you reach the end of what you must know, you’ll be at the beginning of what you must feel.”

Body intelligence shows us what our body knows. The body has its reasons. It’s an intelligent system and it has the answers, but we are losing our ability to listen and take proper care of it, and with it we are losing the ability to preserve its possibilities and live a full life.
The good news is that the memory of the body persists and we can recover and enhance its qualities through experience, awareness, sensations and these exercises.

In these pages I’ll describe simple exercises that you can perform every day. We will work different areas of the body to create an increased awareness of your gestures and movements, releasing areas where there is tension and restriction. In time, you will become the best expert about your body and yourself.
These exercises are focused on health and prevention of premature ageing. They will help you become more vital and energetic, have increased mobility and less pain, you will feel more centered and relaxed and will have more capacity of action and reaction.

You will discover the intimate relationship between your body, your expression, and your emotions. This is called integration. You achieve integration when you feel yourself as a whole organism.

Dedicate a few minutes per day to these exercises, at any time of day, in your office, at home, or at the gym. Find your moment for them. Your body intelligence is there, you only need to discover it.

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