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Life in and of itself is Movement.

Whereas Rolfing® works towards securing a more efficient order for us, Rolfing® Movement deals with how this body pattern came about and finds alternatives ways for us to move, insisting on the quality of Motion.

It’s an active corporal re-education system based on the same principles.

Once the body’s deepest restrictions are set free, some people are inclined to their old patterns. With smooth and precise exercises, adapted individually to fit each person, a Rolfing® Movement practitioner teaches how to substitute unwise habits for a more economical and effective way of moving oneself through space. The new movement patterns adopted could also make the structure change in the direction of order and thus improve function reciprocally.

The way we express all life experiences and ourselves is through movement, and in the human architecture, which is a segmented structure, movement is expressed in the joints. Therefore, the relationship of balance between myofascia-joint is vital in order to achieve optimal movement. Finding and helping one to discover new forms of motion is fascinating.