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Rolfing® is physical work yet it approaches and interacts with the psychological aspects of each individual since our body is the history of our life. Any change to our structure affects a person on the whole.

Rolfing® is targeted to people of any age or gender with structural problems. It has no age limit. It is also aimed at people who wish to improve their physical performance (sport players, dancers, actors), and, in general, people who want to learn how to better use their bodies.

Children as well as elderly people can reap enormous benefits from the Structural Integration method.

Results vary widely and are complex just like the bodies that have undergone changes.

People who have received treatment confirm that they have experienced:

– Improved movement.
– Less exhaustion.
– Greater capacity for recovery and energy.
– More flexibility and grace in their movements.
– Greater strength and balance.

In general, we consider the effects of this therapy to be:

– Increased well-being and stability, both physical and emotional.
– Noticeably improved posture and more harmonious movements.
– Improved circulation and breathing and, in general, a greater sense of well-being and body awareness.

The Structural Integration method can help prevent an endless list of diseases and malfunctions such as:

– Lower back pain
– Scoliosis
– Compartment syndrome
– Neck pain
– Joint pains
– Sleep alterations
– Chronic pains as a result of traumatism and/or accidents
– Decreased mobility and flexibility
– Muscle contractures
– Difficulty breathing
– Premature osteoarthritis
– And orthopaedic problems : in feet and legs, among others.

This process can be reversed with Rolfing®.

And since Rolfing® work is about the human structure, comprehensive knowledge of the human structure is not limited to just the physical person, but rather it covers the psychological personality, behaviour and attitudes as well and embarks on a holistic approach to giving treatment to a person.

Y ya que el trabajo de Rolfing® es sobre la estructura humana, el conocimiento comprensivo de su estructura incluye no solamente la persona física, sino también la personalidad psicológica, la conducta, las actitudes y el acercamiento holístico del tratamiento hacia la persona.