Viajes inteligentes

Viajes inteligentes

Con un ritmo tranquilo, a través de los sentidos te proponemos actividades de autocuidado, de experiencia combinando ejercicios, danza, movimiento y terapia, relajación, cultura y nuestra gastronomía. Deja el stress y la rutina por una semana, siente tu cuerpo vibrante y crea salud para tu día a día.

Vacaciones inteligentes


Ulrika Hall

Ulrika Hall

I came to Benicassim in 2005 for the first time to have treatment by Bibiana and I have come back several times.

I first came because of my psoriatic arthritis and back pain. Lately I also have experienced physical problems after a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

I come to Bibiana to learn and reconnect with myself.

I really recommend Bibiana’s treatments because of her holistic approach, the treatment of the whole you, and the understanding of how different parts of the body connects and interacts with your mind.

Whether you have rheumatic problems, has undergone a major surgery or are stressed and tense, your body awareness is vital in order to be able to deal with the problems. Bibiana is the best teacher that can make you understand how everything is connected; head, shoulders, knees and toes, muscles and joints, breathing and thoughts. Her working methods are unorthodox if you’re used to physiotherapists who work exclusively with the part of the body you have trouble from.

Bibiana is incredibly skilled in terms of body awareness and she shares her skills generously and with her heart in it – and her hands are magic!

I learn so much about myself every time.

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