Dental Holidays

Dental holidays

Dental holidays offers you the opportunity to combine your health treatments with rest, gastronomy and culture in Benicassim, Spain.

Dr. Carmen Schilling and Bibiana Badenes, with more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, come together to create a unique program of health and well-being.

While Dr. Schilling performed the dental treatments, Bibiana Badenes and her team of physiotherapists and body and movement therapists, will complement your stay with preventive treatments and relaxation but as each case is unique, the sessions vary and are adjusted to the needs of each person like massage, myofascial and osteopathic therapy techniques, Rolfing, different forms of touch, movement education and body mindfulness, individual explorations and improvement of your neck and joint TM. The individual work is completed with group exercises of Body Mindfulness, Relaxation, Dance, Pilates and Tai Chi.

“A comprehensive rehabilitation to your oral problems.”

How is our dental treatment developed?

To receive the appropriate treatment plan and budget, an initial consultation is necessary at our clinic.

A detailed examination and a computerized tomography will be carried out. We will explain the treatment plan, the time schedule and provide a detailed budget

Also during your stay we offer a program for your companion and family of enjoyment and rest, sea and mountain.

If you have to do the implants anyway, why not to have them while you enjoy in a privileged place and with an integral team?

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