The holistic view of understanding how the human body works tells us that stress is caused by imbalances; when there is an imbalance, the body’s support structures work insufficiently and with an unnecessary tension. This tension causes not only pain but it also accelerates aging, decreases vitality and weakens biological and psychological function. Our body is the expression of ourselves. Behaviour, physical as well as emotional, is expressed by the musculoskeletal system. In the body architecture, which is a segmented structure, movement is expressed in the joints. Therefore, depending on our structure, our movement and/or behaviour will be different and vice versa; the way we move will decisively influence the betterment or deterioration of our structure.

In Motion Education and Embodiment classes, you will learn one of the most important things that was never taught at school: how to use your own body in the most effective way.

– Back School for teenagers and adults.
– Body Coaching.
– Embodiment.
– Fascial Fitness.
– Stretching.
– Pilates.
– Kung Fu and Motricity for children.

With the new sensations and messages your body conveys, you will be able to initiate the process of making your posture more comfortable and balanced and your movement wider and easier. Along with this, you will also recuperate the sensations of vitality and well-being which have been slowly waning over the years. Our body is designed for movement. It has an enormous capacity for facility, flexibility, strength and expressivity regardless of whether we are walking, working on the computer, brushing our teeth or playing sports. However, many times our body gradually loses these properties and we end up carrying out these activities with strain, tension and exhaustion. Over time we develop a series of injuries and pains that we all suffer from to a lesser or greater degree and which are sometimes confused with premature aging.

We will explore activities such as walking, standing, getting up, lying down and any other activity you are interested in doing on a daily basis. By learning how to do these activities without putting pressure on your joints, muscles and internal organs, you will improve your uncomfortable postures and injuries caused by uneconomical movements, and you will be able to prevent them from reoccurring in the future. We will also perform a series of smooth, nonmechanical stretching “EXERCISES” along with other exercises for waking up your proprioception.

Come join our groups; this is the exercise you’ve been looking for.

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