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Our treatments are based on personal respect, we do not want to use sophisticated gym apparatus, which their only object is to “wear people out” we would like to show you how to discover your potential, new possibilities of movement and enjoyment. The results obtained by 3H REHAB are guaranteed with the experience acquired during more than 12 years collaboration with the Swedish Company Haga Rehab and Haga Livscenter, which are still going strong.

During the week we combine treatment width cultural trips and outdoor activities in our very privileged surroundings. We prefer to carry out the treatments during the morning. The daily treatments are mainly Individual Massage, Hydrotherapy, Movement Exercises, BodyAwareness, and Cinesitherapy.


Individual treatments – During the session for private treatments there are many options:

– Massage and Manual therapy.

– Hydromassage and TIA sessions – see below in 2.

– Ultrasound, Laser therapy and Electrotherapy Magneto therapy are also available as required.

– NEW : MATRIX Rhythm therapy ®: a new Therapy against pain and restricted Mobility, being KINESIS the only centre in SPAIN which offers these kind of treatments.

Hydrotherapy, Integral Aquatic Therapy, aquatic exercise and relaxation time in the spa and warm salt pool:

– The sauna is available as well as hydrotherapy massage and passive joint and soft tissue mobilizations.

– Private treatments of TIA – Therapy Integral Aquatica are available during the pool time.

– Therapy Integral Aquatic© (TIA©) is a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation, optimal performance and wellbeing. As in traditional aquatic therapies, the healing environment of the warm water is a key element in the therapeutic success.

Our training team has developed this unique therapy to be able to offer our clients what they need most: specific mobilizations, joint and tissue release, increased body awareness and relaxation and pure enjoyment of health-giving salt water.

Terapia Integral Acuática

Exercise and movement and education in the garden:

– We consider general exercise of the different body joints and joint micro-mobilization to be very important. These exercises are often taught as a group experience in the garden.

– Floor relaxation techniques and breathing exercises have as a main goal an increase in body awareness and propioception as well as to aid in the relaxation of body tension.

– Active Stretching is used for the different muscle chains.

– Self-care and preventative exercises are taught so that they can be done at home. They are based on a range of techniques such as: Rolfing Movement Integration, Alexander Technique, Trager, Eutonía and others.

– Patient Education: We offer several lectures and slide shows so that patients can take back home some practical ideas. We consider patient education to be essential. As rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic, chronic disease that requires periodic, long-term treatment, we also consider the integration in a group to be a very important support. The physiotherapist will explain carefully the purpose of exercise and rest and the balance between them. Ergonomics and self-care is also emphasised in our daily treatments in order to prevent deformities and promote economy and ease of function. We consider it imperative when working with a client with a chronic disease to get to know the patient better and to gain more understanding of this unique person and the nature of his or her disease, individual life style and needs. We teach respect for pain, activities of daily life, ways to maintain muscle strength and range of motion, how to avoid deforming positions and to use necessary adaptive equipment.

– Techniques of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation are utilised in the strengthening of the muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle and upper limbs. The same techniques are used to improve chest wall mobility and improve ventilation for other arthritic conditions.

– Isometric and isotonic exercises.

– Coordination, toning and flexibility exercises with different sizes of physio balls.

– TheraBand Exercises to increase general strength.

– We consider that fine motor co-ordination exercises for the hands and feet are an essential therapeutic intervention for both the upper and lower appendicle muscle chains. Stepping, walking and cycling machines for the refinement of gait.

– Crawling devices, specifically for chronic back pain or MB Bechterew.

– Vibration Platforms to help with strength and balance.

– Balance exercises, to help in the prevention of falls and to create confidence and stability.

– FLAMENCO a great discovery for our clients, a way of moving from the centre with spontaneity and enjoying the music.

– TAI JI consider one of the best exercises for Rheumatic patients.

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